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Santillian, Vanna aka Sarah Vargas

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Sarah Vargas allegedly adopted Thelma. Then dumped her twice. Once in a field and AC picked her up then once in the shelter

Negrone, Lynn J

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Markham, Tiffany Ann

Tiffany Ann Markham aka Tiff Markham works with Christine James so please scroll to see info relating to them both.  Also Lynn J Negrone and Vanna Santillian aka Sarah Vargas

Tiffany Ann Markham Mugshot 2012/03/08, Mugshot id 1193853, Salt Lake City, Utah.  Alledged violations and or charges: Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation of Disabled or Elder Adult; Animal Violations; and Telephone Harassment.  All from Mugshot into below in case photo isn't showing.


Another arrest mugshot


"This is Chase, his story isn't a very long one.
Chase aka Buddy, came from Riverside Campus, previous ID #A1291934 . Pulled around 6/17/16 by Christine James of CJ'S Dog Rescue in WA, for Tiff Markham/Ruff N Rowdy.
Chase was placed in boarding from the time of his 'rescue' till now 8/19/16. He has absolutely no vetting and is not altered. Chase is still a baby, he is around 6 months old and is a very sweet pup. He needs around $200 to get fully vetted and altered.
Please pledge towards his care, any amount will be of great help!!
Pledges will be the only thing accepted here. There will be no money account of any kind set up for now. When/If there is one it will be posted. He may have a foster, we are still waiting on a definite yes. We do not have a fully committed check out reputable 501c3 rescue as of right now. But we do plan to be fully transparent about him and his journey. PLEASE SHARE!!"

******** Update ***********************
After working on this non stop, and a lot of crap to deal with from CJ causing issues at the last minute, ALL THREE ARE SAFE!!!! All of them are safe, out of boarding, and no longer in the hands and control of Christine James, or Tiff Markham!! The people who put them through this hell!! Please watch for my new post on the rescues who have them now as well as freedom photos!!
These are 3 babies that were "rescued" from two different shelters, dumped off in boarding and forgotten about and abandoned. They are in need of a few pledges to help support their vetting since the "rescue" did not have them vetted. They need about $200 each to be fully vetted and altered.
These 3 dogs are;
1. Chase aka Buddy, is from Riverside Campus previous ID #A1291934rescued somewhere in between 6/17/16 - 6/18/16.
This is the link to his full story that has been posted;
2. Petunia, is from San Jacinto Campus and was rescued along with her pups (same ID for all) on 6/17/16, previous ID #A1290016 .
This is the link to her full story that has been posted;
3. Flower, is from San Jacinto Campus and was rescued along with her mother 6/17/16 previous ID #A1290016 .
This is the link to her full story that has been posted;
Pledges will be the only thing accepted on this page until/unless they have a committed fully checked reputable 501c3 Rescue. There will be no account of any kind to take money from any of you for right now. When/If there is one made, it will be posted here. Anyone else who tries to collect from you is a fraud. Please help these babies get the care they need!! Again they need about $200 each dog to be fully vetted and altered since neither are altered nor fully vetted. PLEASE SHARE!!"

This is Flower, her story like her Momma's isn't a very long one either.
Flower came with her Mom from San Jacinto Campus, previous ID#A1290016 . Pulled by Christine James of CJ'S Dog Rescue in WA, 6/17/16 for Tiff Markham/Ruff N Rowdy.
Flower was placed in boarding from the time she was 'rescued' till now 8/19/16. Flower is still a young baby. I don't know her age as of yet, but I am going to take a ball park guess she may be around 4-6 months old. Still very young and very sweet. Flower needs about $200 for her to be fully vetted and fixed.
Please pledge towards her care, any amount will be of help!!
Pledges will be the only thing accepted here. There will be no money account of any kind set up for now. When/If there is one it will be posted. She may have a foster, we are still waiting on a definite yes. We do not have a fully committed check out reputable 501c3 rescue as of right now. We plan to be fully transparent about her and her journey. PLEASE SHARE!!"

This is Petunia, Her story isn't a very long one.
Petunia came from San Jacinto Campus along with her 2 pups. Their previous ID #A1290016 , Pulled by Christine James of CJ'S Dog Rescue in WA 6/17/16 for Tiff Markham/Ruff N Rowdy.
Petunia and her pups were placed in boarding from the time they were rescued till now 8/19/16. They have had really no vetting at all and are not fixed. Sadly one of Petunia's pups did pass from parvo. 1 pup is still alive and doing well. Petunia needs help. She needs about $200 to get her fully vetted and fixed.
Please pledge towards her care, any amount will be of help!!
Pledges will be the only thing accepted for her, as we do not have a firm committed fully checked reputable 501c3 rescue. There will be no kind of money account set up for her as of right now, when/if one is created it will be posted here. She may have a foster she may soon be placed with, but that's not a firm thing quite yet either. We plan to be fully transparent with all of this. PLEASE SHARE!!" From

Criminal records are public:

Another dog:

***** UPDATE: ***********************
Seems Regis has SAFELY made it to Washington to his unknown rescue. No thanks to CJ, Tiff, Lynn, and Vanna who put him through this mess in the first place. Let's pray he STAYS SAFE.
Again DO NOT honor ANY pledges you have made to these dogs if the rescue cannot be named and researched as a reputable 501c3 rescue.
SS of a post of him made by Christine James aka CJ in comments below.
This is Regis's story;
Regis was originially from San Bernardino County Shelter, ID #A492689 . Regis was taken in as a stray on 4/20 (available date being 4/27). On 6/18 Regis was Euth listed and had till the end of the day to get out of there. Last minute a rescue adopted him over the phone.
(For the sake of the dogs I'm not naming names for now but will abbreviate so it doesn't cause confusion)
When Regis was adopted over the phone 6/18 he was put in boarding and stayed there until 7/16. He had no plan, nothing, so he was forced to stay in boarding which aggravated him very much. On 7/16 L.J.N took Regis out of boarding along with another dog and took them both to V.I.S. V.I.S from the start had issues handling all these dogs at once, didn't even have the proper equipment to do so. According to V.I.S Regis was extremely animal aggressive and she didn't know this and couldn't handle him. Regis had to get out of there ASAP. On 7/26 Regis along with Thelma landed in Ramona Humane Society. I still haven't gotten information as to how, and I don't know why, V.I.S lied about everything, so I don't believe we'll ever learn the truth.
Regis and Thelma are still there as of Today 8/3 and they NEED OUT NOW!!! Regis has gone kennel crazy and is very agitated, frustrated and scared. Please pledge and share!! Rescue needs funds in order to take on a dog that may have behavior issues because of everything he's been through.
Regis is dog selective, probably best if no cats, he's very agitated right now so he appears to be mean but he's just a sweetheart who's been put through so much he doesn't deserve and just needs some love and decompressing time. He is also house and kennel trained.
Please please find it in your heart to help Regis get out of the horrible situation he's in right now! He's been through so much and didn't ask for this and doesn't deserve it!! Please pledge and share far and wide!! Any amount will be of help!! When rescue is found, information will be posted and there will be full transparency. Please help Regis get out of there and get the care and love he so desperately needs and deserves!!" from   

More dogs!@!!
"This is Thelma and Regis. They are at Ramona Humane Society in San Jacinto. This isn't their first rodeo of being in the shelter either.
Thelma is from Inland Valley Humane Society in Pomona ID #I1255316 she was rescued along with her sister from there June 30th. This is her 3rd time of being in the shelter this month.
Regis is from SBC (San Bernardino County) Shelter, ID #A492689 he was privately adopted by a rescue.
Who is responsible for them being in here you ask?
That would be, Christine James aka CJ of CJ's Dog Rescue in Washington, Tiff Markham Champion of Ruff n Rowdy Rescue in Utah, Vanna Indica Santillian aka Sacha Estrada of Waggin Tails Rescue in Hemet CA, and Lynn J Nagrone. They are all trying to cover it all up as well.
Well I'm not about to let that happen. This isn't the first set of dogs to land in Ramona because of them either. Just last week Louise ID #I1255315 also rescued with Thelma from Inland Valley, and Ron aka Bo Jangles from San Jacinto Animal Campus were also in there, they managed to get them out, and sent them to horrible Sandra Gannon. A woman who is responsible for more deaths of dogs then she's saved. She also has a parvo and distemper spread going on up in her place as well.
Tell me again why these people are still allowed to be in rescue?
All Videos and photos were taken by me Today (7/27/16). I visited them today and plan on going back tomorrow. Check back tomorrow on my Facebook for a live video where I take you inside Ramona and show you these dogs and can go into further detail of the situation with them." from

"Okay you know what? I'm going to clear the record here.
So, apparently certain people, namely Lynn J Nagrone, want to bash me and my family once AGAIN, over Thelma and Louise. Claiming she told "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth." She still lied. Here's the REAL story, oh, and Lynn knows this too.
So as far as Thelma and Louise go, you all know I spent over 2 hours at Inland Valley to get them out of there. But what you don't know is why I did it. So here, let me tell you why, oh and I'll be attaching SS of everything corroborating with my story. It's quite the story, so be prepared to grab your popcorn to read.
So, let's go a few days back from June 30th, which was the day I got Thelma and Louise out. I was fighting with Tiffany Markham Champion over MY dog Zara. She wanted to take her and fly her off to NEW YORK, in the CARGO part of an airplane. I fought with her every step of the way, and told her hell no. At that time, Zara was afraid to even go in the damn car! I wasn't about to let her go on an airplane. So come in the next few days, Tiff was threatening to get her "attorneys, lawyers, the police" and all that shit. FINALLY, Tiff finally told me, "Okay if you get these two dogs out we'll call it even on the dog". So we agreed. Out of fear of losing my dog, even though now I realize I wouldn't have I didn't know as much as I do now, then, I did this.
So now let's fast forward to June 30th. I went to Inland, Got Thelma and Louise out and Tiff told me to take them to Vanna as she was already approved and such and was good. So I did. I took them to Vanna, and just like Tiff was, she was a very good con artist and made you believe she was great and knew what she was talking about. So, then Vanna goes on to tell me and my mother she has this this and this illness, and she is a vet tech. The minute she said she was sick, my first red flag came and I was a bit nervous to leave them there, but because i wanted to believe she was good, I left them there, but went home to create a secret back up plan for them and find them back up foster's in case. No one knew this, but that's what I did.
So now let's fast forward to July 4th, now I'm going to tell you this part so later in the story it'll make sense.
On my way home from being with Family, Vanna randomly calls me out of the blue around 8:30 - 9 and says Thelma and Louise attacked Bo, and it was really bad and they did it without being provoked. She then went on to tell me (this was all over the phone she was smart to call and tell me this). That she was taking Bo to CVS (California Veterinary Specialist) in Murrieta as they were the closest emergency vet. Now mind you, Vanna lives in Hemet, Murrieta is about an hour away.
So now let's fast forward to around 11 pm that night. Tiff out of the blue messages me asking if I microchipped Zara to me. I again told her no I didn't, as this wasn't the first time she asked me this. She then went on to accuse me of stealing "Her dog" because that's what "other people" were telling her. Then she went on to fight with me and argue with me. Then she told me to take Zara and my 5 week old shelter interception puppy to Vanna. I told her hell no, you have two dogs that just attacked another dog, I'm not taking my dog into a potentially dangerous situation or any other dog, and my 5 week old interception isn't your dog anyways at the moment he's mine! So then she goes on to tell me she's sending Vanna to my house, (I don't know how Tiff obtained my address, as I NEVER gave it to her and she illegally received it.). I told her that both my parents said no one is coming here or leaving at 11 pm. She continued to argue with me and threaten to call the police because I was "withholding her dog", I told her the dog wasn't leaving and no one was coming here. She went on to say "okay police it is". My mother then took over the phone and told her to get over herself and back the hell off and no one was coming to my fathers house at this hour and no one is leaving, and you can wait until tomorrow to speak to his attorneys yourself. My father was not playing around, the next day he was calling them and getting advice and help.
Now let's fast forward to July 5th around 2:30 am.
My mother was up, I don't know why but she was. She then saw a truck slowly going back and forth past our house. Vanna and another woman got out the truck and started to walk up and down the sides of my house casing my house which is illegal and a crime. She continued to do this and go back and forth to her truck and on the phone. While this was happening my mother was on the phone with the police. The police came, she told him the summary of what was going on, he told her she has a civil matter and he cannot do anything about it and will escort Vanna off the property. My mother thanked him and closed the door. Now in the police report, Vanna told the officer that "her boss sent her here to pick up a dog". He said he cannot do anything about the matter and it was a civil situation and escorted her off the property. He sat there for about 10 more minutes until she left, she took several minutes before she left.
Now let's fast forward to a couple weeks later, Bo & Louise arrived at my shelter Ramona Humane Society. A day later even though she was notified the minute they arrived as they were chipped to her, CJ texted me a photo of them and asked me who they were, I told her Bo & Louise. I then went to my very good friends WendyRachel, and Veronica and told them what was going on. Then I went to Ramona and found out they were picked up loose as strays by AC. Not totally sure how that happened though. Vanna claimed they got out the fence. Anyways, I then informed the executive director everything that was going on, and trying to make sure CJ/Lulu/Lynn/and Tiff didn't get them out as they were safer there then with Vanna. I visited them everyday they were there, and caused issues for CJ and Lynn the whole way with Ramona. Ramona finally responded to my efforts and told them they weren't releasing the dogs till they explained the plan for them to them. I was trying to get all of them DNA/DNR as well. On the 5th day they were there, as I was leaving, Vanna pulled up. She went and got Bo & Louise out and supposedly Lynn Nagrone paid to get them out because "CJ has no money". Lynn told Vanna to get them out and take them to Sandra Gannon, a foster who she knew everyone in the rescue community knew not to use. Lynn and CJ continued to work with Vanna, in a pm for a plan for Bo & Louise after Ramona told them they needed to present one, I have SS of the part of the PM as I was in it until they added Vanna and said she was good and just screwed over by Tiff as well. YES CJ and Lynn both said themselves even after Vanna let them loose and left them in Ramona that she was good!!
About a week later, Thelma and Regis arrive at Ramona! This time, AC was called and went to Vanna's house! Vanna told them they were strays! Again, I went back to Ramona, visited the dogs every day they were there so they didn't go Kennel Crazy, I also informed the executive director again about this set of dogs and asked her if she sees a pattern yet. She then DNA/DNR Vanna. And I continued to try and get the others banned as well. CJ left Thelma and Regis in there for 9 DAYS!!! Then pulled them out with no plan, and shoved them in boarding at APC. Oh, and somehow CJ managed to remove Tiff off of Regis's chip, as Tiff adopted Regis over the phone at SBCity, and put herself on there.
Now, that's not the end of the story yet, we don't want to forget about how Regis AND Charlie even arrived at Vanna's house!! Lynn took them out of boarding, to a Ramona event, then took them to Vanna. Now she claims that she called Tiff the minute she saw her house and knew she was not a good foster. Now explain to me, if Lynn supposedly did this, why did she dump and leave Charlie and Regis at Vanna's house?? Why not take them back to boarding where they were safer?? Now she wants to say my family and I did the home check for Vanna, but we DID NOT. We didn't go further then her living room!! However, CJ says Lynn did the home check for her, and Lynn also said she would and did do it. Tell me, who's the liar here? Remember, I'm attaching SS of everything.
Please, feel free to SS this to Lynn. And share it. This is the REAL truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Because I admitted my mistakes with this, and did everything in my power to fix it. Want proof? The abandoned 4 page is my page. I did that for them, and exposed CJ and Lynn and the rest of them with these dogs because they wanted to keep it quiet.
The next time someone wants to bash me, or MY FAMILY!! Maybe you should try coming to Me and learning the other side of the story. Y'all can go back to your secret PMs now and talk all the shit you want. I've said my piece."
Screenshots are avail at many of these links

Yet another dog dumped back in the shelter

"10/11/16 Update *****
Sky is now back at SBC and is RO. She needs help and a rescue to save her NOW!!! She is not animal aggressive. However she needs a strong handler to guide her in the right direction and teach her what is okay. Please keep sharing for a rescue and foster with the resources to help this girl!!
*** 10/6/16 Update ***********************
Just got off the phone with SBC myself, they are anticipating Sky's return to the shelter by the end of today. When she does arrive, she will be RO. And only a 501c3 partnered rescue can get her. RO dogs are usually the first to go at SBC, she needs help fast!!! Please!!! Keep sharing and help us find a rescue or foster for her!!!
****** Update *******************
Sky is Offsite and still at APC. Sky needs a new foster with no other dogs (or cats) and a new rescue!! Sky goes back to SBC Tuesday if a foster is not found!!! PLEASE contact me if you can foster this girl!! Please keep sharing!!
This is Sky,
Sky is previously from SBC Shelter, ID #A493836 .
She was "adopted/rescued" 6/18/16. Sky was then taken to APC and was placed there for boarding, she has been there since the time of her "rescuing". Never got her actual freedom ride or walk from being stuck in a cage. :(
This gorgeous girl is now considered legally abandoned and is in need of a new good, reputable, transparent 501c3 Rescue. She's such a sweet baby girl and deserves her 2nd chance at life after being failed so many times. If you can help this sweetie pie please feel free to contact me, I have her information and can gladly give it to you.

Also see:

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Sanchez, Melanie

Kirry, Kristina

"I found her FB page
This is being worked on by proper authorities now. :)
She is saying he won't make it. That is a lie she is going to do something to him!!!
Kristina Kirry of Parma Ohio
I had taken a mom and kittens from this woman earlier in the year. The reason she couldn't keep them is they were dumped on her property and she has cancer and other issues etc. etc.
Today she contacted my work Able Animal Hospital and stated she was working with a rescue from New York and had animals transported here for her to foster. Stated that one died in transport. She wanted the discounted rate we give rescues and I explained to her on the phone to have the rescue contact us before her appointment and we will set it up. She stated she will have to pay and they will reimburse her. No biggie a lot of rescues do this, so I didn't think no different.
She came in this evening with a sick orange male aprox 3yr old cat. The cat had a URI which is easily treatable. She said she could not get a hold of the rescue and would not pay to have the cat treated.
I received a call then from my coworker if the group I am with can take the cat because she was telling them she was going to turn it loos or take it to a kill shelter. ????
I told her to tell this woman number 1 we are full, number 2 if that cat is listed with another rescue she cannot legally give it to another rescue. I told her to have her contact the rescue or give us the info and we would do it to get the cat treatment.
I get a call from the Vet who is VERY upset. This woman DEMANDED he put the cat to sleep. He refused and said he will not kill a cat over a URI and she flew off the handle and started yelling about all kinds of ways to kill the cat.
The police can do zip about this because the animal was not harmed at our clinic basically no crime has been committed, yet,
I am beside myself and IF this woman is working with a rescue they need to know this. We were never given proof of what rescue she was helping so I doubt she is with one.
Update: I had to go look back at my records on the cat and kits I took from her. There is a pattern here. On 6/26/14 she took a mom that was shot with a bb to the clinic and a family member of mine got a call to take in this mom and kits because the owner (this woman) wanted to euth them. I found out later on in the evening about this and was told they were NOT held at the clinic because they were all sick and they did not want to be responsible for them should something happen. A worker there expressed concern because she stated she would have to leave them in the abandoned house down the street. I contacted her via phone that night and did NOT tell her I knew all that was said I just told her to bring me the mom and kits in the am.
Later on she would call me to check on the kittens and ask about adopting one. She expressed concern about her being in Chemo and if the cats had anything she could catch. I told her she would have to contact the rescue about that and tried to tell her maybe a cat is not a good fit in your life right now.
Sadly I have had to have the staff and clients fill out affidavits who were there since she called the clinic multiple times and then proceeded to yell at me stating she NEVER said any of this and everyone is lying. I did come to find out she is NOT working as a foster for a rescue she is an ADOPTER."

Murphy, Kristina

Van Gogh, Puppy With Ears Cut Off, Finds Forever Home - Cruelty Charges Filed
The Delaware County SPCA announced on their Facebook page that Van Gogh, the pit bull puppy whose ears were cut off, has been adopted by Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital's very own Dr. Johnson.
Charges for Van Gogh's abuse were filed against 19-year-old Kristina Murphy yesterday in Haverford Township Municipal Court.
Originally claiming to have found the puppy under Upper Darby's 69th Street Bridge bleeding profusely, Murphy later admitted to being responsible for cutting off both of his ears.
Read More:

Powlan-Petschauer, Kristina

Eva L. Petschauer, 61, and daughters Jessica Powylan-Petschauer, 25, and Kristina Powylan-Petschauer, 18, 

Most of the 30 animals taken from a Frenchtown family in what authorities called a case of hoarding have found new homes.
New Jersey SPCA reported this week that it still has at Hunterdon Humane Animal Shelter nine of the 22 dogs that were taken, although one of those is an elderly, female Doberman who will be turned over to a rescue group instead of being put up for general adoption.
A grand re-opening and adoption day is scheduled at Hunterdon Humane on April 12, but the shelter is now open to the public for adoptions and surrenders.
Eva L. Petschauer, 61, and daughters Jessica Powylan-Petschauer, 25, and Kristina Powylan-Petschauer, 18, were each charged with two counts of animal cruelty and all of the animals were removed from their property on March 1.
Sheep and a goose were found in a farm shed near a dead lamb. There were also two dead sheep in a shed.
Rick Yocum, NJ SPCA president, said earlier that the home was found "in beyond deplorable conditions with feces and urine in every room."
According to the SPCA, three large dogs owned by the Petschauers have already been adopted by other families, along with nine small dogs.
Since taking the animals, the SPCA has updated shots on all of the pets and provided other veterinary care, including spaying or neutering all but the two remaining large dogs, the other being a German shepherd.
Earlier, the SPCA reported that the pets came to them with fleas, worms, and skin infections. One dog went deaf because of an untreated ear infection, the SPCA reported earlier. It said the dogs needed grooming.
The Doberman recently had two benign tumors removed from under her shoulders, SPCA spokesman Matt Stanton said, adding, "They were not caused by abuse."
A "few of the small dogs" had dental work, and a male Yorkie "had several teeth removed," Stanton said, adding that "bad teeth are common in small dogs."
The animals have been cleaned up, treated and readied for adoption The small dogs include poodles, Yorkies, miniature pinschers and a shithzu-Yorkie mix. "They are super-sweet and highly adoptable," said Stanton.
An eye was removed from one of the miniature pinschers, Stanton said, because it was bulging out.
One cat taken from the Petschauers is available for adoption.
All of the sheep, Stanton said, have found a new home on a farm.
The charges against the Petschauers are scheduled to be heard in the Joint Court of Delaware Valley in Frenchtown on April 16. Court starts at 10 a.m.
A grand re-opening and adoption day is planned at the shelter on Saturday, April 12, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., along with a 10 a.m. ribbon-cutting with Freeholder John King, shelter tours, giveaways, raffle baskets, cake and other refreshments. The rain date is April 13. from NJ SPCA